How Acupuncture Can Help Small Children

Acupuncture can be highly beneficial for children as well as for adults.

It may help for the relief of a wide variety of conditions which modern kids suffer from. Once the trust is gained youngsters tend to cope well with the needles.  In fact, they are more relaxed than some adults!

What Can It Help With?

Acupuncture can be used for the following childhood conditions:

  • digestive disorders – ie: teething, constipation
  • respiratory disorders – ie: asthma
  • nocturnal enuresis – bed wetting

How Does It Work?

Children tolerate the therapy perfectly well. The therapist will make them feel perfectly at ease about the whole thing. Older kids can sit down and chat with the acupuncturist to get an idea about the whole process and how they will feel. This will help to reduce any anxiety which may come from fear of needles.

The needles are inserted very gently into the skin. They do not have to be retained in the body for a while which is the case with adults. This is because the effect on children is stronger.

The whole experience is perfectly comfortable for the youngsters. The positive effects can come more quickly and have greater magnitude as well.

You should certainly consider using the services of Acupuncture  for your child. The therapy can bring great improvement to his/her condition in a safe and natural way.