Acupuncture and Morning Sickness (Part Two)

Acupuncture Auckland: Acupuncture & Morning Sickness Part 2: What are some things that women can try to ease their morning sickness?


Acupuncture offers a real alternative to simply putting up with nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.  In the majority of cases treatment offers a dramatic improvement.  Please note however that no matter how good you may feel following treatment, the nausea is likely to return if you overstep your body’s limits, for example by eating inappropriate food, skipping regular meals or snacks, staying up late etc.

By incorporating certain life-style changes a women can ensure that she helps her body and gets the full benefit of any treatment given.

Fluid intake

It is essential to avoid dehydration. Becoming even slightly dehydrated will make any nausea more intense.  Dry lips, feeling thirsty and a reduced urinary output are signs fluid intake is insufficient.  Soups are an excellent way to take in liquids, ie, vegetable or chicken broths, potato soup.  Herbal teas, especially ginger or peppermint are useful.


Regular small snacks to keep blood sugar levels stable.  One snack every one to two hours.  It can be helpful to give up breakfast, lunch and dinner and instead snack throughout day.  Sugary foods need to be avoided.  Everybody responds to different foods but some useful nausea reducing foods are as follows:

  • Almonds, baby rice porridge, crackers, dried fruit (especially apricots, mango and raisins),  grapefruit, yeast extract, miso, noodles, pasta, peaches, pears, potatoes and yoghurt.
  • Foods that are easy to digest and gentle on the digestive system, for example baked vegetables, cooked and raw fruits, well-cooked grains, soups and gravies.


Try and arrange for rest at the time of day when they are most prone to feeling nauseous.  It’s ok to go to bed at 7pm!  This tiredness is a message from your body to rest.

Smells & Medications

Sensitivity to odours can be overwhelming.  Try using aromatic oil burners to burn peppermint oil in the bedroom at night so that they experience its effect on waking, and using vanilla essence in the kitchen.  Natural smells such as lemon can also be useful.

Antiemetics may be prescribed.  Using them in combination with acupuncture can be useful.  Chinese Herbal Medicine is safe and can be very effective.

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If you are currently suffering from morning sickness –  suffer no more!  Enjoy this time of your pregnancy.  Give Acupuncture Studio in Auckland city a call.  We can help.

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