Consent for Acupuncture Treatment

As a registered acupuncturist with the Chinese Medicine Council of New Zealand, a registered physiotherapist with Physiotherapy Board of NZ and ACC treatment provider, I have agreed to follow the Councils and Boards competency and standards for the professions.

Nature of Treatment: Your treatment may include acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, electric stimulation, acupressure, massage, joint mobilisation/manipulation, Chinese herbs or supplements, therapeutic exercises and dietary counselling based on the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine.

Risks of Treatment: Before commencing treatment please be aware that there are associated risks. Although practitioners cannot anticipate all of the possible risks and complications that may arise with each individual case, you should be aware that the side effects outlined below may occur. If there are particular risks that apply to your case, your practitioner will discuss these with you.

Acupuncture is a safe method of treatment, but it may have side effects including: bruising, minor bleeding, numbness or tingling at or near the needle site, which may last a few days. You may also experience some muscle soreness and petechiae (due to cupping), which may also last a few days. Drowsiness may occur in a small number of patients, and if affected, you are advised not to drive. In a small percentage of patients, nausea can
occur, and symptoms may become worse before they improve. Please advise your acupuncturist if worsening symptoms continue for more than 2 days. Potential but unlikely risks of acupuncture include fainting, spontaneous miscarriage, nerve damage, and organ puncture. Infection is another possible risk, however since this clinic uses only sterilized, disposable needles while maintaining a clean and safe environment, this is unlikely. Burns and scarring are potential risks of using moxibustion. Be commencing treatment you acknowledge these risks but understand that you may stop treatment at any time.